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I am currently pursuing a degree in graphic design at Central Saint Martins and working as a freelance graphic designer for various organizations.


In short, I'm a creative that sees the world through a tinted lens. I have a love hate affair with graphics. I didn't want to get into something which was played out and narrow, I wanted to do as I liked, inventing my own interests. I don't believe in stereotyping my styles, I have a short attention span with design techniques, and I familiarize myself to different techniques and different styles, mixing and matching styles to create the unorthadox.


I am also a part of The Hive Studio, formed with an ecclectic group of designers involved with various disciplines of design, working for various international clients.

Clients Worked With Include



Chupa Chups

Filter Members Club

Thump Clothing

National Library of Singapore

Sugar Free Works



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